Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nikon Fm 10

ikon FM-10 is a basic manual 35mm SLR (actually from Cosina and branded as Nikon).

It has LED lights inside the viewfinder that turn green on correct exposure and red in case of over or under exposure. You'll find the details in the instruction manual. Apart from this it shows no information in the viewfinder. It's a good camera for starting. The included 35-70mm lens is not of very high quality but works well for starters.

Some advantages of the FM-10 are -
Depth of Field preview button
Hot Shoe works well with almost any flash without spoiling the electronics.
You don't have to depend on batteries to release the shutter.
Works well in extremes of weather conditions (though it is not weather proof)

Only center-weighted metering.
Flash sync at 1/125 sec.
Small and light to hold.

The meter works very well (center-weighted) and will help you get proper exposures provided you know how to use this kind of meter. If you use films of ISO other than 100, you'll get error at low shutter speeds while metering (due to a manufacturing defect in the way the ISO and shutter speed dial works) but once you get the hang of camera you'll learn to work around it.

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